Kevin Thomas Ministries

Impacting the World with the Word


    Kevin Thomas Ministries (KTM) is a writing, lecturing and training ministry.  It is a creative outlet where innovative thoughts, theoretical ideas, and biblical truths that can impact and improve more than just his life and his church can be expressed and shared with the rest of the body of Christ and others interested in thinking, making progress and changing the lives of this generation for better.  


    So whether the idea is how to build a better personality, a better church, a better business, a better school, a better marriage, a better family, a better relationship with God, or better city, Kevin Thomas is interested in thinking about it, discussing the possibilities, then moving forward to see the potential in it.  


    The Bible teaches that Christians should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and that the church serves the Kingdom and that God loves the world (people).  Therefore, the thoughts, theories, materials and methods developed by KTM are made available to others outside his church.