First Steps

Guest? New Member? What's Next?

    First Steps is a great class to determine if The Truth Church is the right church for you.   You'll learn Bible basics, receive a free workbook, and gain an understanding of how you and your family can fit into our church family.  


    All guests are welcome to attend.  You do not have to be a member to attend First Steps.  All members in good standing must complete this class.  We have a workbook waiting just for you.  


    First Steps is designed to help you jump start your spiritual growth and walk with Jesus Christ.  Below is one page from the workbook that will help you organize your life with the Lord.  


What’s Next?

Developing Your Spiritual Roadmap


    Instructions: Check off each of your next steps as you complete it. When you complete this class you should be moving toward Christ and Christlikeness at a faster pace than when your first began. People never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. Use this sheet to develop your Spiritual Road MAP (ministry action plan). You’ll be pleasantly surprised what the Lord will accomplish in your life when you take time to plan your life in His presence. (See Proverbs 16:1.)


Step Up!     -     Connect! 

  • Orientation Video: Connect through watching the orientation video.
  • First Steps Classes: Connect with your church family through fellowship & study!
  • Acceptance of Christ’s invitation for salvation: Connect with Christ! 
  • Water Baptism: Connect with God through public confession of your faith! 
  • Giving: Connect to God’s blessings through biblical giving of tithes and offerings.
  • Worship: Connect with God through Sunday worship!
  • Prayer Meetings: Connect with God through midweek prayer and Bible study!


Step In!     -     Grow! 

  • Bible Study Groups and Meetings: Grow in community through prayer, systematic Bible studies (Sunday School and Wednesdays), and small group involvement!
  • Everyday Life: Grow by living holy. Break bad habits and quit “secret” sins. Ask a church member or two committed to spiritual growth to hold you accountable. 


Step Forward!     -     Serve! 

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment: Serve with confidence! (I know my spiritual gifts.)
  • Ministry Training & Placement: Serve with competence! (I’m learning how to use my gifts.)
  • Ministry Involvement: Serve with compassion! (I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives.)


Step Out!              Go! 

  • Invitations to Family:  Go witness for Christ! Love, listen and invite! (I consistently bring them.)

  • Invitations to Friends: Go witness for Christ! Go and show! Excite and invite! (I consistently invite or bring them.)

  • A balanced approach to your walk with the Lord is the only way to grow a biblically balanced life. So step upward, inward, forward and outward. As you complete each step watch Christ through the power of the Spirit move in your life and ministry/career. Questions? Please ask! 

  • For Serious Christians Only: To accelerate your spiritual growth, write a date goal next to each step! Share your goals with someone in class and ask him/her to hold you accountable?

[This was adapted from the free workbook you get for attending this class.]