What You Need to Know as a Member of The Truth Church Family

Member?  Attender?  Guest?

Which are you?

  • Guests visit our church occasionally, but are not connected to our church. They're just passing through. We love guests!

  • Attenders frequent our church, but are not involved. They have not completed new members' class. They don't serve in a ministry or volunteer for our outreach ministries. We love attenders!

  • Members attend, give, serve, witness and live holy. They are disciples for Jesus. We love members! (See below for more details.)

    We love guests, attenders and members!  But we encourage everyone to move toward membership.  That is where real spiritual growth happens.  

    Membership requires commitment, but where there is strong commitment, there is strong growth.  Consider joining us today!

Things You Need to Know About Being a Member in Good Standing

  • Attend our church more often than they are absent on a monthly basis.

  • (Exceptions to this standard are made for our sick and shut-in church family members.)

  • Give tithes and offerings to the church cheerfully.

  • Serve in a church-sponsored ministry faithfully.

  • Witness by compassionately and boldly reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Live holy, being authentically Christian in all settings with no hidden or secret sins.

Things You Need to Know About Your Church

    Bible Version: We highly recommend the New American Standard Bible (NASB) study Bible for its accuracy and scholarship in comparison to the original languages (Hebrew and Aramaic in the Old Testament; Koine Greek in the New Testament).
    Other versions we enjoy are the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), New King James (NKJV), King James Version (KJV), New Living Translation (NLT).  If you have questions about a Bible version, please ask your Sunday school instructor or Pastor.


    Building Usage: In order to carry the Great Commission of the Bible, the church sanctioned ministries of The Truth Church are prioritized when we schedule our facilities. We strive to schedule only Christ-centered ministry events sponsored or approved by The Truth Church. Non-church sponsored ministries fall under the wedding policy and fee schedule.  Call the office for scheduling. 

    Church Membership: Members in good standing attend, give, serve, witness and live holy. Attend means attending more often than you’re absent on a monthly basis.  (See above for more details.)

    Congregational Care: Every member matters. Please do not disappear from your church family. We honestly care about you. It is your responsibility to call your spiritual family whenever you are absent, sick, need help, or have concerns. Call your small group leader or care team captain. 

    Funerals: The Truth Church members in good standing may use the sanctuary and/or fellowship hall for immediate family. Please call the office to contact our Bereavement Ministry for guidance in scheduling the building and planning the service prior to finalizing arrangements with the funeral home.  Just because the building is available or staff are not scheduled to work, does not mean that staff is available.  They might have personal plans.  We are here to serve, but ask that you consult us during your planning. 

    Great Commission Sunday School: Every member in good standing is expected to actively participate in our GCSS. Active participation is a requirement for ministry leaders to ensure their growth and the integrity of their Christian leadership. 

    Ministry Involvement: Every member ministers. During First Steps, you will learn how to choose aministry that fits you and your spiritual gifts. We expect every member in good standing to be fully committed and involved in at least one church ministry.

Monthly Schedule 

  • 1st Sunday - Holy Communion

  • 2nd Sunday - Baby Dedications (minimum 2 week notice required - Non-members welcome)

  • 3rd Sunday - Baptism Classes

  • 4th Sunday - Baptisms

                       (Membership and Discipleship Classes required)


    New Members’ Class: When you join First Steps (a required class for all members) your first workbook is free! You may buy additional copies in the church office or at the book table (bookstore). 

Pre-ApprovalsThe Truth Church requires only three types of pre-approvals. 

  • Scheduling your ministry activities and building usage. We no longer schedule or loan equipment due to the numerous groups using our facility seven days a week. (See Building Usage.)

  • Spending with the expectation of reimbursement or spending that obligates the church to pay the bill.

  • Using the church’s name offsite, on literature, or in any way that presents you as a representative of The Truth Church.

    Most, if not all, pre-approvals must have an authorized church leader’s signature and be related to a church-sanctioned ministry activity under his/her area.

    Weddings: If you want to get married at The Truth Church or involve church personnel off-site, please call the office for a wedding packet three to six months prior to your requested wedding date. Please do not publicize your wedding date until we have approved use of the facilities and agree on specific dates.  Just because the building is available or staff are not scheduled to work, does not mean that staff or building will be made available on a specific date.  Staff might have personal plans.  We are here to serve, but ask that you consult us early during your planning, so that we may serve you at the highest level.