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  • Don't just read the book Obadiah; experience his prophecy against the Edomites!


The Blessed Test - Money Matters - Acts 20

  • Wealth building has two sides, tangible and intangible.  Do you know the four intangible principles listed here?  If not, take the blessed test for yourself!

Christian Personal Financial Planning Workshop

  • Need to review the slides from the workshop?  Click the link above.


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Vacation Bible School



Sermon Notes

On Physical Health and Fitness


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  • The Call (PowerPoint presentation, Cost: Free)


If there is a resource you know of that we can help you with, please contact us.  


The church behind the YouVersion Bible has provided an excellent free resource.  Download the phone app or log in on on your computer.  This is app on my phone.  So if you see me at church tap on my cell phone, don't think I'm texting.  I might just be looking up a Bible verse on YouVersion.  If this online ministry blesses you, consider giving them a financial donation.

A few of my seminary professors and their friends contribute to this website.  This site contains numerous interesting Bible topics and tools.  Check it out.  You'll find more useful information than you can consume in a single sitting.  

Check out the Bible on the left and the commentary notes on the right.  There's even a place for you to record your own comments (commentary).  Click around there's more to this than tool than you will probably need, but you will appreciate its value.  Useful Bible study tool!

Don't have a Bible commentary to help you study God's word?  Check out this site!  Plenty of free online commentaries.  I've either read several of the authors' works or use some of their commentaries when I get stuck during my own studies.  This site has many other valuable online tools.

But remember... do you own work (Bible study) first, then compare what your written conclusions with the commentaries.  In other words, start with Bible study between you and the Holy Spirit, then go to the commentaries.  Rely on the Holy Spirit, not commentaries.  Commentaries should be used to check to see that you heard the Holy Spirit correctly.

Looking for a Bible dictionary?  Here are several of the most popular ones.  Bible dictionaries are great when you run across a word that you are unsure of.  Don't just plow through the Bible without understanding what you're reading.  This is GOD's word, the very words He breathed out and the writers of Scripture penned so that we could get to know the Lord.  I want to know what He said and what He meant.  How else will I know what His will is for my life or even for today, if I don't understand Him?  I encourage you to look up the words you don't understand and watch God give you greater insight into your own life.

Need a daily devotional reading you can count on to deliver consistent quality?  
Try Our Daily Bread.  It's been a favorite of my wife's and mine for years.  

Every day just click and read.  

You will find many other devotional resources on this site too to help you move from having a devotional time to living a devotional lifestyle.