Breast Cancer Awareness

Jowanda Thomas

Wisdom is crucial when battling breast cancer.  You must realize that you are not the only one in the fight.  Your spouse, children, family and friends are in the battle too.  

Early detection saves lives.  You must do self-breast examinations along with your regularly scheduled mammograms and other checkup


Early intervention saves marriages.  Your husband (spouse) is in the fight with you.  Breast cancer will either draw him toward you or drive him away.  So the two of you must make some steps early on to ensure the success of your marriage and the stability of your family.  When a woman gets breast cancer, she receives almost all the attention.  Her husband, however, is often overlooked.  He wants to help, but sometimes feels helpless.  For some men the feelings of helplessness are so great they abandon the marriage for easier terrain.  But for many, many other men they are in it for the long haul.  

You need your husband, especially when you're dealing with breast cancer.  He needs to know you need him.  He also needs to know and feel that you appreciate him, all he does, and all he sacrifices to support you.  This sounds like a lot - battling breast cancer, caring for family and holding up and onto your husband.  It is a lot.  

For this reason, seek early intervention.  Bring some other, older, spiritually mature Christians alongside you and your husband.  Perhaps, a couple who have already navigated the waters of breast cancer and landed safely on the shores of victory.  Look around your church.  God said He would supply all our needs.  So this couple is probably sitting in the sanctuary with you every Sunday.  

Don't wait until problems arise.  Be proactive.  Schedule a lunch or dinner with the couple to talk about your fears and concerns.  Ask them how they managed to hold each other up during this scary time.  Ask them what Bible verses God gave them.  You'll be surprised how much godly wisdom they'll share with you.  Jesus Christ wants to work through them on your behalf.  Let Him work in your life through those God has already placed in  your church family.  

Don't let breast cancer destroy you or your marriage.  Early detection saves lives, but early intervention saves marriages.